MyLeadPod & Toner Print – A MLP Case Study

Today we sit down with Carl and Greg from Toner Print and chat about how MyLeadPod is helping them grow their business “What do you see as some advantages of using MyLeadPod for your business?” Greg – “Carl and myself have been in business for many years in different industries, there are always so many different networking and business meetings … Read More

Make Referral Marketing Work For You

“People influence people. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising” Mark Zuckerberg Founder and CEO, Facebook If you enjoy a good experience, be it a great coffee at your local café or a quality service from a tradesman, you tend to want to tell people about it… … Read More

MyLeadPod ‘Share with’ feature explained

This video is a guide on how to implement the ‘Share with’ feature on MyLeadPod Share your leads with multiple subscribers on MyLeadPod and increase your chances of gaining a client. Increase your business opportunities and offerings to potential leads.

How to use MyLeadPod to grow your business

This video is a guide on how to use features on MyLeadPod to grow your Rewards Program Grow your Rewards Program and you’ll grow your business! By following the steps below and marketing your Rewards Program to a new audience.

The difference between a “Rewards Program & Custom Rewards”

This video is a guide on the difference between a “Rewards Program & Custom rewards” When creating your Reward Codes MyLeadPod gives you the flexibility to set up a code as a “Rewards Program code” or as a “Custom Rewards code” enabling you to choose your Reward each time you pay a Successful Lead or to Reward the same amount … Read More