MyLeadPod is a quick to setup program for your business allowing you to reward people (in cash) that send you leads that convert. Get set up in minutes and invite your existing clients, friends and family to look out for business opportunities for you.

The app intuitively tracks the leads status and allows for direct communication between the business and the lead prior, during and post delivery of the service or product. Paying the lead giver after the job is done, or the product delivered, is super simple and can be done in a few taps. In the same app you can also send leads to other trusted business associates and, in the same way, earn cash for closed leads.

Giving and receiving leads, and being rewarded quickly has never been simpler!

The Dashboard in your account shows the following key metrics:

1) People receiving your leads: These are the number of businesses you have joined (using the Reward Code they offered) and to whom you could send leads (and earn a cash reward on success).

2) People sending you leads: These are the number of consumers or business associates that have signed up using your Reward Code that you set up (promoted via various channels, such as EDM, your website, social media, email signature etc) so they can send you leads.

3) Last Month Earnings: Being the cash rewards you have earned in the last 30 days through leads you have sent to other businesses converting and them processing the cash reward to you.

4) Current Balance: This is the amount in your MyLeadPod digital wallet that, once it exceeds $50, can be redeemed directly into your bank account.

There are two sections here:

  • People in my Pod: This is where you find the list of businesses where you have signed up to their Rewards Program. Outlined is their ‘agreement’ as to what $ commission they will pay you should you send them a lead that converts, and whether whether it is their standard default Rewards Program or a Custom Reward program. (See below for more on both types of rewards).
  • Sent Leads: This is where you can view all the leads you have sent to people in your Pod, and the status. If you click View Lead > Messages, you can message the business owner that received your lead and ask for an update, offer additional information, etc.
There are four sections here:

  • Connections: These are the people/ businesses that have opted to join your rewards program with the future possibility of them sending you leads in return for the cash amount you have stipulated in your agreement with them via MyLeadPod. Click through on their business name link to see if there is the option to join their offered Rewards Program in return, that is if you want to.
  • Received Leads: This is where you will see all the leads you have received from your Connections. Update the status of the lead to keep the referrer informed, and simply reward the referrer in cash once your invoice for the gig has been paid by the client.
  • Reward Codes: This is where you manage your default Reward Code (everyone should have this set up as a minimum) and also set up Custom Reward Codes (see below for more detail on setting up both types of Codes).
  • Import: This is the best way to get a fast start with MyLeadPod. Using this feature you can bulk invite a database be it existing clients, friends or family. They would be encouraged to sign up using your Reward Code which would outline what you will pay them should they refer a lead that converts to paid business.
Step One: Set up your default Reward Program offer, the items/services you are happy to reward for and the $ amount

Paid up Business Account users are able to register a Reward Code to enable their customers to link up (using that code once only), and then to be able to send them leads any time into the future. It will be the standard cash reward types/amounts paid by your business in the normal course of business.

In your account admin, the default Rewards Program menu option is located under your MyLeadPod account name in the right-hand corner of your computer screen. Click the down arrow next to your business name then click Rewards Program.

Click ‘Add reward’ to start adding services/outcomes for which you will reward a successful lead, and how much. You can be quite specific by service description, or you could simply set tiers for $ value. Eg. Bathroom Reno – $300, Deck Build – $350, Small House Reno up to $10-$15K – $1,000, Large House Reno $15k and bove – $2,500, etc

Type a descriptive Name in the Title field, so your reward offered by type of service /product is easy to understand.


Step Two: Set up one or more Reward Codes (that use the default Reward Program cash rewards as set up in Step One)

You set up Reward Codes (these are alphanumeric strings that you choose yourself; the system will check if they are available – they have to be unique) by going to My Business > Reward Codes.

Typically business owners would set up only one Reward Code, especially in the first instance, to support their Reward Program.  But sometimes, as you get more experienced with MyLeadPod, owners want to place different codes on different channels, one for their website, one for their email signature, one for Facebook, etc so they can see which channel is generating the most leads via MyLeadPod.  Although all different codes each would be paying out the same $ commission for the default service or product items you listed in the Rewards Program area.

So, in My Business > Reward Codes you:

  • Select ‘Create Reward Code’
  • Make up an alphanumeric code (and check it is available)
  • Add a Description (this if for your eyes only so you understand it (where the code will be promoted e.g. Code for Facebook …useful when you create multiple codes)
  • Choose Rewards > Rewards Program (see about Custom Rewards below)
  • ‘Ignore Sharing incoming leads’ or ‘Associated users’ – for advanced users
  • Click ‘Create’

Step Three (optional): Set up Custom Rewards

This is when you have a unique or special channel that you would like to offer contrasting $ rewards (normally higher) to the default Rewards Program amounts you have set in your account user profile area.  It might be a special relationship with a sports club or a group that you value.

Again go to My Business > Reward Codes:

  • Select ‘Create Reward Code’
  • Make up an alphanumeric code (and check it is available)
  • Add a Description (this if for your eyes only so you understand it…useful when have do go ahead and create multiple codes)
  • Choose Rewards > Custom rewards (see about Custom Rewards above)
  • ‘Ignore Sharing incoming leads’ or ‘Associated users’ – for advanced users
  • Click ‘Create’
Sometimes someone indicates they might know someone that needs your product or service.  You can then proactively say to them, “I reward referrers in cash for successful leads!”  This is how you would go about it

After successfully logging in Click on My Business from the Dashboard.

On the My Business page, Click on the tab Ask for Leads

The Ask for Leads form is activated. Enter the contact details of the person from whom you are seeking leads. This can be any contact/email – it does not have to be a current MyLeadPod user

Next, decide which one of your reward options/codes you wish to offer this person, and Send.

The person you are asking for a lead from will receive an email with a unique system generated link.  Once clicked they will be able to register and will automatically be placed in your Pod as a ‘Connection’ so that they can easily send you leads.

Log in to your MyLeadPod account. On the Dashboard page, to right, click ‘Send Lead’.

The Send Lead page will open and the Lead Details form is displayed. First up you will be providing the details of the person (the lead) that the businesses should get in touch with to discuss their needs and quote.

If you know or suspect this person is already on MyLeadPod you could search for them by contact name or business name.  Once found in the search results; selecting the contact/business auto populates their details from the MyLeadPod database into the form below.

Alternatively, to send a lead that is not on MyLeadPod yet, simply enter the First and Last name of the lead, and then either their phone number or valid email address – either phone or email is mandatory.  Submitting a Note, even if very brief, is also mandatory.

The next step is to search from the list of businesses that are already connected to you (‘People in my Pod’) and select the recipient business you are sending this lead/referral to.  You can actually select more than one business to receive this lead!

If the business is not on MyLeadPod or only a free user of MyLeadPod, then they will not appear in the search results.  You can then ‘invite new’…

The lead will also receive an email informing them to expect the call from the business.

Log into MyLeadPod, on the Dashboard page, you can view ‘Newest Received Leads’

Click on the Name of the person who sent you the lead to view the ‘Agreement’ (and type of Reward Program you have shared with them).

Click on ‘Successful’ if the lead has resulted in a sale and you want to reward the user for sending you a lead.  This opens the payment process page where you add your credit card details (unless already stored in the system). Click Close and Pay.

MyLeadPod will transfer the amount to the user account and send you a tax invoice.

After logging in, click on the down arrow next to your name in the top right-hand corner of the heading bar.  Click on ‘Account Details’ in the menu options.

On the ‘My Account’ page, go to ‘Business information’ section.

Type the name of your Company or Organisation.

Add your address and your website. Then make sure to add information about your products, services and the value you offer to your clients.

After changing your password, scroll down the page and click ‘Update Profile’

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