Make Referral Marketing Work For You

“People influence people. A trusted referral
influences people more than the best broadcast
message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail
of advertising”
Mark Zuckerberg
Founder and CEO, Facebook

If you enjoy a good experience, be it a great coffee at your local café or a quality service from a tradesman, you tend to want to tell people about it… this is the how referrals came to existence, people wanting to pass on quality workmanship and experiences to people they care about…these are known as ‘organic’ referrals. The only problem is, not everyone remembers to refer or there is no reason for the person to go out of their way to refer.

So, why not go that one step further? If you know your prior or current clients are happy with your service, why not deliberately influence them to send you successful leads/referrals by offering great Cash Rewards!

According to a 2015 study from Texas Tech University, 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer a product or service but only 29% actually do. This problem has an easy solution: the please and thank you formula. Remember, most people that received a good product and service are willing to refer it, so don’t be afraid to ask them to!

Even if these customers give you the impression they will refer, how do you then influence these people to refer you and send you leads weeks or months later when they may have forgotten all your Cash Rewards!?

Reward Cards
Influence and deliberately encourage any members of the public or clients you engage with custom Reward Cards, these cards show your Business details and your Reward Amount for successful leads, plus your very own Reward Code, so users can directly join your Reward Program and send you leads with little effort.
Reward Cards will help keep your business in the back of a potential referrers mind, and is a sure-fire way to influence people to send you leads long after you have met them.

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Hyperlinks and Digital Access
Referral Marketing is about continually reminding and Influencing your customer base, and that doesn’t just stop in-person. Use hyperlinks and logos connecting your Reward Program to your website, social media, newsletters, email signature and any other marketing content to remind people that you offer Cash Rewards for successful leads. Constantly reminding and promoting your Reward Program to your audience will ultimately help grow your referral base!

Create a Referral Strategy

Once you have a referral program, it’s important to think about and decide “What is my referral strategy?” meaning, how are you going to market your Referral Reward Program? A referral strategy doesn’t need to be complicated or hard, it’s simply working out when, how and why you are asking for referrals or promoting your reward program.

It could be something as simple as asking every customer how their experience with your service has gone and if they would be happy recommending this service to a someone they know?, once you get a positive response it’s then time to direct them to your Reward Program with the promise of Cash Rewards.
This strategy should become second nature to your business structure, not just “When you remember to ask them” or “If they seem like someone who would refer” REMEMBER, influencing the referral process is the best guarantee of
receiving leads!

Cash is King
One setback with many referral reward programs is the ‘Reward’ itself, sure it’s nice getting cash back on your next service or points that go towards a prize, but what if you have just had your service, or if you know you’ll never earn enough points. Then referring becomes much less important, by offering Cash Rewards you can influence people to see the worth in joining your reward program.

Special Rewards for Special Referrers

You may come across certain clients who you know can get you lots of work with the right referral, create multiple Reward Programs with different reward amounts for certain clients so you can target the people that matter to you with a lucrative reward amount.

Learn About Your Audience and Re target
Re targeting your growing database is crucial to growing your Referral base and your business, reach out with monthly specials and services with email newsletters and remind your audience of your Referral Rewards!

Automate your Reward Program with an App

With a referral marketing app, you can easily attribute new customer activity to the appropriate referrer, fully automate campaign logistics (i.e., issuing rewards, re-engaging disengaged referrers, creating/sending emails, and adding contacts to your database.

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